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I am reading so many articles and blog posts about New Year resolutions. I really hate all the pressure to follow through on your chosen resolution followed by the disappointment in yourself when the brand new is tossed out the window after a couple of months. Really, do we need to put any further pressure on ourselves? I don’t think so.

A lot of people are choosing a word of the year, a word that represents what you want to focus on for the next twelve months. I was having trouble deciding on one word and ended up with two which is why I ended up with an intent. For 2021 it is my intent to “stop rushing”.

A couple of days ago I was chatting to a friend about my decision to catch the bus to work a few days a week, a long story (which involved a son who may or may not have lost a bus card with $160 credit) anyway I have $160 to spend on the bus network in Canberra. I said I was going to enjoy the opportunity of upping my steps for the day with walks to and from the bus stop and read a book on the 20 min journey. She wisely said “so what if it takes extra time, why are you rushing, to spend more time on the couch?”

I have spent a huge part of my adult life rushing from one place to another that it has become a habit to rush. I had a genuine lightbulb moment and realised I now rushed for no purpose! I no longer have a small child, a consuming job, deadlines are easy to achieve. Why, why am I still rushing about…

So 2021 is the year I intend to create a new habit of NOT RUSHING.

As I have no readers yet, I will not seek comments asking for your intent. However, if by chance you stumble across this I would love to hear from you.