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The time between Christmas and New Year was quiet for me, my partner and son were working, a few friends were away and Covid 19 stopped my sister visiting Canberra. I read, walked, watched TV, went to the gym and cooked yet sometimes I felt like I was wasting time, it was silly to feel this way as I was doing a lot of my favourite things.

So “60 before 60” was born partly because I love a good list and also a bit of a challenge.

The plan is to make a huge dent (hopefully finish) in my list:

  • Declutter 60 items
  • Try 12 new things
  • Read 60 books
  • Walk 60km of new trails
  • Cook 60 new things
  • Lose 12 kg
  • Swim 60km
  • 120 visits to the gym

I plan to post and update every few months to keep me on track, wish me luck.

Serena x