What's for dinner tonight!


Hello! I live in Canberra the capital of Australia and am a wife, mother, daughter and friend of many. But more importantly just me, just Serena.

This is my second blog the first was basically a food blog which I have recently closed down. The reason I started a new space was I wanted to take my blog in a new direction. Less focus on food and to create a place which reflects my different interests and focuses on my life expedition.

This year finds me heading towards a “big” milestone birthday at a rapid place. I plan to use this space to ensure I pack as much adventure, challenges and life into the next decade. This does not necessary mean huge trips, outlandish challenges rather as a reminder that there is always a great book, podcast, recipe, bush walk to discover.

So, welcome to space where I plan to share my life, hobbies and passions. I guess it is a bit like an old fashioned diary which in all honesty I wish I have been writing my whole life.

Serena x

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